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Plenty of Water

After a very long winter that left us with more snow than most of us can remember in recent history, we are left with fantastic water condition prospects for the summer. In the meantime, as the snow melts after 6 months of accumulating, we're dealing with run off and the unpredictability that it brings. As a guide, this time of year brings with plenty of anxiety as it's hard to predict conditions from one day to the next. Ironically, it's that very concept - not knowing what to expect - which makes this one of the most exciting times of [...]

Winter in Full Swing

Since the arrival of snow and cold temperatures in early November, Bozeman has had a good dose of winter weather thus far. Aside from a few warm days around Thanksgiving, we've had a pile of snow and a plenty of chilly temps. As for open water fishing, this weather limited our options - most any of our local rivers are lined with shelf ice and pretty well choked with floating slush and ice as well. From what I've seen, the Yellowstone, Lower Madison and Gallatin are all unfishable for now. If one just had to go...the Paradise Valley Spring Creeks [...]

Time for the MO

       Temperatures in the mid 80s last week - A winter storm warning calling for over a foot of snow at elevations above 7500ft for tomorrow...yep - that sounds about right. Springtime in MT - conditions seem to change by the minute. About the only thing consistent at this time of year is the inconsistency of water conditions on rivers such as the Yellowstone, Gallatin or even Madison. Fishable one minute, high and muddy the next - it's unpredictable at best leaving us a perfect excuse to head to the Missouri. With flows regulated by the Holter Dam, [...]

March Fishing

       In the past few seasons the end of March has found me well underway, having fished consistently since mid- January. Not quite as much this year...why?  The answer is simple, seems we had somewhat of a normal winter this last round - with plenty of cold and ice, snow, wind and all of the things that drive one to the ski hill or tying vise rather than the trout stream. In the past few weeks though things have changed.         Even with snow in the forecast in the days ahead, winter seems to have [...]

Ice still strong

      Despite nearly two weeks of unusually warm weather, the ice remains good on most Montana reservoirs as does the fishing. Often, early and late season are best through the ice and this year  is no exception.         Overall, the perch fishing has been spectacular with the general trend being that the fish are moving shallower as we get later in the season. Most likely, this is due to spawning, either way, it's not uncommon to find the fish in the 3-10 depth range. At such shallow depths it's possible to sight fish these buggers [...]

No Shortage of Ice

As it should be, it's been cold around here as of late. How quickly we forget that Montana is supposed to be bitter during the winter months. The past few years have been mild and relatively pleasant. Depending on who you might talk to though, conditions as of late are more like it - a glimpse of the old days. Snow, ice and plenty of sub zero temperatures...doesn't bode well for fly fishing fishing at the present time but, we aren't really supposed to fly fish now anyway. January is a time to ski, to play hockey and, if one [...]