Ice Fishing

In Montana, the winter months of December, January, February and March are generally associated with cold temperatures, snow and ice. It’s real winter here and as such, many anglers trade in their rods and waders for skis or skates. And while this seems only sensible, the cold temperatures and the snow and ice that go along with them, create one of the most unique and entertaining methods of fishing that an angler could experience.

Indeed, ice fishing, or hardwater angling, is popular sport most anywhere there is winter and MT is no exception. Our lakes and reservoirs boast healthy populations of yellow perch, walleye, northern pike, ling (burbot) and of course, trout. With the right equipment and some local knowledge, the results that one can have fishing through a hole in the ice can be downright staggering. Though ice fishing conjures images of shanty towns and heavy drinking, our guided trips are about fishing – we focus on strategy and technique in the effort to produce fish.

Equipped with the latest in fish finding electronics, portable shanties, propane heaters and power augers along with quality rods, jigs and the rest, we are ready for most anything the ice can dish out. Anglers need not worry about equipment, experience or comfort – we have you covered and are anxious to teach all the tricks of the trade from ice safety to jigging tactics. Few things are more magical than pulling a fish through a hole in the ice – while seemingly absurd, it’s truly amazing, outrageously fun and something that every angler should experience.

Ice fishing trips include a hearty lunch and destinations will often be determined by ice and current weather conditions.

For a more detailed description of our ice fishing trips and winter fly fishing services please visit MTICEFISHINGGUIDES.COM

Rates: $650/day for 1 or 2 people *3rd person additional $150.00

Availability depends on ice conditions – generally December 15 though March 1.