Though the Bozeman area is well known for its float fishing options, those seeking the experience offered by wading will appreciate the diverse selection of remote streams and spring creeks in the area. Allowing anglers to move at their own pace, wade fishing presents an opportunity to examine classic trout fishing situations in detail and to concentrate on mastering the techniques necessary for success. Without any question, such trips serve as ideal classroom and we enjoy taking the time to teach the fundamentals or fine tune your approach.

Though Montana boasts ample public river access, numerous ranches offer private admission to those anglers seeking an alternative. From spring fed creeks, smaller freestone streams and secluded ponds, such private water offers a unique change of pace in a pristine setting. For the technical angler, area or local spring creeks provide consistent insect activity and challenging conditions for selective wild fish. For the novice or intermediate, private access to certain freestone streams offers opportunistic fish under more forgiving circumstances. Ask about our exclusive local access as well.