Though the challenges of fly fishing are many, few rival that of choosing a selection of well rounded, proven flies from the seemingly endless array of choices available. To address this common dilemma, Dave McKee Fly Fishing Outfitters have added a series of fly selections to compliment the already popular TOP 25 fly selection that was introduced in 2008. Designed not only to keep anglers equipped with the flies they need when they need them, a guidebook included with each kit will educate anglers on not just the fly patterns but critical aspects of insect activity, trout behavior, rigs and tactics as well.

Each box includes a well rounded assortment of dries, emergers, nymphs and streamers and all choices are the product of consultation with numerous professional guides and our own experience on the water. Understanding this, we are confident that regardless of location, season or conditions, these well thought out selections will help you match the hatch and enhance your experience on the water. Please feel free to contact us for the full list of flies included in each box.

Top 25

25 time tested trout fly patterns in appropriate sizes and colors. 136 flies, includes guidebook & box.


Top 10

10 of the most tried and true patterns available in appropriate sizes and colors. 74 flies, includes guide book & box.


Basic 10

Same patterns as TOP 10… just fewer of them. 44 flies, includes guide book & box.


Guides Choice Selection

20 specialized local trout patterns. 100 flies. Includes box.


Spring Creek Selection

20 specialized patterns in appropriate sizes and colors. 75 flies. Includes box.


Top 25 Guidebook

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