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Carp season winding down

The summer of 2015 has had it's ups and downs with the weather. Cooler cloudy days have provided us with some outstanding trout fishing....those with heat however and bright sun, well...they've provided us with ample challenge. It's then that it pays to be flexible, to understand the potential of the day and to recognize then [...]

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Just wait 5 minutes

It's a classic saying in Montana...."if you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes." Over the course of the past week, that's certainly been the case. The weather has been all over the map and our fishing has followed suit. In the past 7 days we've had major heat and bright sun - ideal [...]

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Access point

In the modern era of paved parking lots, wide ramps and well kept outhouses, it's still hard to beat the old "slide it down the rocks" type boat ramp. Believe me, the well maintained access sites have their advantages but until they install coffee kiosks and donut stands, I'm still partial to the old roll [...]

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Good weather

After the spell of staggering heat that hung with us in late June and early July, our weather turned. And while it seemed likely the heat would quickly return, it hasn't. For the last 12 days its been the summer we hope for...70s and low 80s, some clouds, some rain, cool nights. Water temps that [...]

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Big week

It's been a big week around here. First, and most importantly, it's cooled down. Instead of temps in the upper 90s it's been in the high 70s to mid 80s. Water temps that were soaring have cooled dramatically and currently our river conditions are far better then they were. Water levels are low and will [...]

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Too good to pass up

45 degrees, calm, overcast. During the winter months, one can't ask for better fishing conditions. Having just returned from a morning at Bridger Bowl and now seated at the bench working on fly orders I did my best to focus on the task at hand. Yet with a solid winter spot just outside of town [...]

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Happy New Year!

It's 2015. Just like that, the new year is upon us and with it comes new goals, resolutions, aspirations and so on. Though it may be redundant, around this household the goals for this year are not much different than any that I recall in the past. More and bigger fish of course! While 2014 [...]

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We knew it was coming. After an unbelievable fall, one filled with mild temperatures and enormously cooperative fishing conditions in terms of wind and rain, we woke this morning to a full blown winter blast. 62 degrees yesterday. 7 when I warmed up the truck this morning with several inches of snow. Until today, I'd [...]

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Is October the time?

Everybody wants to know... When's the best time, the absolute best time, to catch a big brown. My answer generally involves something along the lines of, "the best time is whenever you can be here to try...". I firmly believe this is the case as the rare, large specimens seem to show up at random [...]

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Fall fishing underway

No doubt about it, summer is gone, fall is here. Not quite sure when actual first day of fall might be according to the calendar but a high of 44 yesterday with wind and snow seems to hint that it may be time to get the long johns out. Sure, it is predicted to be [...]

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