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Plan B

Plan A was simple - pick up my anglers, head to the Madison, rig the rods, launch the boat, find some rising fish, catch them like crazy then head home. But a changing forecast and predicted windspeeds that had gone from a little to a lot, threatened to destroy this ingenious plan of attack. After [...]

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Hard to beat the Upper Madison

March is one of those months that's hard to put a finger on...is it early spring or late winter? Is it going to rain, snow or be warm enough for a round of golf? Conditions change by the day, sometimes by the hour leaving us to ponder our next move. It's a month of transition [...]

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Late Winter…Or is it?

According to the calendar, or at least to my calculations, it's late winter yet with the mild temperatures we've had as of late, one has to wonder is spring is going to arrive early. Due to the simple fact that we count on the winter snowpack for our summer water and favorable river conditions, we [...]

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We have using Dave McKee for over 12 years…

"We have using Dave McKee for over 12 years twice a year for 10 days of fishing each trip to Montana. To say we have been successful would be a gross understatement. He has put us on fish in all weather conditions (wind, snow, rain and of course bright sunny days, one day it was [...]

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My wife and I have fished with…

"My wife and I have fished with dozens of guides all over the west for over thirty years. Dave McKee is one of the very best in every respect. His knowledge of the habitat and the techniques is unsurpassed and because he is so much fun to be with we're now starting our 12th year [...]

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Getting underway

After a bit of a hiatus which involved hunting season, the holidays and then more hunting, I'm back in full fishing mode and ready to get the year rolling. Though I frequently have done a fair amount of trout fishing by late January, we've had a real winter for the most part meaning snow, ice [...]

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Time to put the cover on

Just finished up my last scheduled guide trip, potentially the end of another season. And perhaps not a minute too soon. Our first valley snow arrived last night with more predicted throughout the week. We'll take it...as much as we can get. Snow and cold make winter better here on many levels. And a big [...]

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Too much sun?

As of late, the weather has been beautiful. Bluebird skies, warm days...picture perfect in many respects. But it's fall, late September. Rain, at least drizzle, clouds, even snow are often part of the deal and while not always the most comfortable it's what we want, what drives our fishing at this time of year. Fall [...]

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Back to the Mo

Mid September, time to check back with the Missouri. Though it seems to have potential to be at most any point in the year, I'm particularly fond of both spring and fall up here. If I spent the summer and winter up here I'd most likely be including them as well. Needless to say, the [...]

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The approach of Fall

I'm not exactly sure when the first day of fall officially occurs but one can easily sense that it can't be too far away. The days have grown noticeably shorter, the nights much cooler (30s and 40s) and the leaves on our river bottom cottonwoods and willows are just starting to change. As for the [...]

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