What a difference a year makes. about this time last year we were faced with low water, warm water temperatures, numerous fishing restrictions and river closures and a fish killing parasite in the Yellowstone River. We survived it all, rather well actually, but there is no denying that conditions were less than ideal in August 2016.

 Thus year is different, sure there a some fishing restrictions on waters where agricultural demands create low flows and, consequently, higher than desirable water temps for trout but overall things are great. Other than the odd day of carp fishing, we have been spending the bulk of our time on the Yellowstone where flows continue to be nice and high, keeping water temperatures in check and providing us with some of the most consistent mid-summer fishing I’ve seen in a few years.

On some days it’s the hopper, pink seems top choice with tan a close second. On other others the nymph rig is the answer. Olive wooly buggers and flashback hare’s ear nymphs have been my go to bugs. Old classics but tried and true.

Given the conditions we have now, it’s looking like we are in for some primo river conditions for fall. Just around the corner.