Seems impossible to believe that it’s already June – times moves fast as does everything in this period of great transition that we call spring. May was a fantastic month on several levels. For one, the the fishing was fantastic and while I have spent most of my time on the Missouri there were plenty of good days to be had on the Madison and even a few on the Yellowstone. Secondly, the very reason fishing was good had everything to do with the weather – cool and wet – which kept river levels low and fishable as well as providing much desired moisture to help our water supply for the months to come. And third, and likely the reason I haven’t posted an entry here for a while, the wet weather was just the right recipe for some prime morel mushroom hunting. I’ve grown obsessed with hunting these things. But that’s another story.

As we enter in June things are good. I will spend much of the month up here in Wolf Creek fishing the Missouri for trout by day and walleye by night. Sleep? That’s what inter is for. Things are too good to miss right now, this is prime time and will be for a while  – got to take advantage of it.

In just the last few days, the Missouri has really started to do it’s thing. It’s almost always good here but now, with rising water temperatures and stable flows, one is able to fish for these trout in a variety of ways. Sure, you can run the wire worm/scud combo down the long slow runs as we have much of the spring or…you can work caddis emerges along the rip rap seams or you can throw dries…either sight fish or blind down the banks. A big X-caddis thrown down the grassy banks like a hopper was terrific yesterday. Can’t beat that. Of course there’s always the streamer too and the crayfish is start to get the job done. Yep… the hardest decision right now is figuring out what method to use. Great problem to have.

Though hot weather may cause rivers to bump and rise in the next week or so around Bozeman, my hunch is that the remainder of runoff will be short lived. It’s gonna be salmon fly time before we know it.