It wasn’t all that long ago that the discovery of the PKD parasite in the Yellowstone River, the cause of some significant whitefish mortality, led to a complete closure of this prized fishery. At that point, we weren’t sure when we’d get back on the river. A tough scenario indeed with the foremost concern being that of the health of the river and the fish within. Fortunately, with cooling temperatures, the arrival of some much needed rain and evidence that fish mortality had stopped and not spread further, Montana FWP reopened significant portions of the river to fishing. Stretches of Paradise Valley remain closed until further notice but the river below the 89 bridge is open as is the upper stretch from Gardiner to Carbella. This is fantastic news on many levels.


Also the result of cooler weather came the news that hoot owl restrictions ( meaning fishing must be terminated daily by 2pm) were lifted on the Lower Madison and Gallatin Rivers. This, coupled with the reopening of the Yellowstone, has us back in the saddle with more than enough options to pick from each day.

It seems fall has arrived overnight. Instead of his temps in the mid 90s, we are now in the 60s and low 70s. With the cooler weather has come some moisture and plenty of wind to keep us on our toes. And while the wind has proven to be frustrating, we’ve still managed some great fishing. Looking forward calmer conditions in the days ahead to all of the ¬†fall fishing that lies- it’s going to be good.