img_2974After a mild November, winter is now upon us. Seems that overnight the snow and and cold weather arrived and, according to the forecasts I’ve checked, it seems likely that it’s here to stay. We’ve had a fair amount of snow in the past two weeks and temps have gone from balmy to downright freezing. Just today the high was 21 – felt like a heat wave after several days last week when the thermometer never rose above 9. I’m ready for it. We can always use the snow, we’ll take as much as we can get, and the cold weather….well – it’ far easier to tie flies when it’s not ultra tempting to venture outdoors. Warmer days find me distracted, tempted by some sort of hunting or fishing pursuit rather than sticking to my priorities. Wait, those are my priorities.

The photo above was taken from the bridge at Reynolds Pass on the Madison just a few days ago. Yes it was cold and the snow was flying. It was bone chilling as I left the heat of the truck and ventured out onto the bridge to snap a quick shot with the phone. Even still, if I’d had a rod rigged and some waders in the truck (we were loaded down with hockey equipment after a youth tournament in Jackson Hole) I probably would have wandered down for a cast or two – it looked really good.
img_2975It’s supposed to go arctic again towards the end of the week – highs in the single digits, lows well below zero. Ice fishing season is going to be here before we know it!!